Class StringSubstitutorTemplateEngine

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public class StringSubstitutorTemplateEngine extends Object implements TemplateEngine
Register an instance of this class (SqlStatements.setTemplateEngine(org.jdbi.v3.core.statement.TemplateEngine)) to use an Apache Commons Text StringSubstitutor as a TemplateEngine. This lets you use any pair of strings as variable delimiters, enabling the use of syntax like
select * from ${foo}
select * from <foo>
select * from %foo%
, etc.
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    • StringSubstitutorTemplateEngine

      public StringSubstitutorTemplateEngine()
      Default is
    • StringSubstitutorTemplateEngine

      public StringSubstitutorTemplateEngine(Consumer<org.apache.commons.text.StringSubstitutor> customizer)
      Customize the given StringSubstitutor instance to set your preferred prefix, suffix, escape character, and perhaps other configuration. The instance is created by Jdbi, and is not shared nor re-used. Your customizer function however will be re-used for all instances.
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