Uses of Class

Packages that use Jdbi
Cache implementation using the Caffeine cache library.
A non-caching cache implementation.
The 'core' package hosts the top level interface into jdbi core.
The config classes define a configuration registry starting from each Jdbi instance.
The extension classes allow you to extend Jdbi's functionality by declaring interface types that may attach to Handle instances.
The h2 package adds vendor support for the H2 embeddable pure Java database implementation.
The spi package includes entrypoints to extending Jdbi instances with your own custom functionality.
guava provides extra types that are commonly needed beyond built in JDK types.
Google Guice integration.
joda-time provides improved date and time types to pre-Java 8 applications.
The jpa plugin provides minimal support for discovering JPA annotations like Column.
The postgres plugin provides improved support for java.time, hstore, uuid, and enum types when configured with a recent Postgres database server.
Classes here provide integration hooks for working with the Spring framework.
The sqlite plugin provides improved support for
SQL Objects
JUnit 4 testing support.
JUnit 5 testing support.
vavr is a functional programming library for the JVM.