Class HandlerDecorators

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public class HandlerDecorators extends Object implements JdbiConfig<HandlerDecorators>
Registry for handler decorators. Decorators may modify or augment the behavior of a method Handler in some way. Out of the box, a decorator is registered which applies decorations for any decorating annotations present on a SQL method. For example, using the Transaction annotation will cause a SQL method to be executed within a transaction. Decorators are applied in the order registered, from innermost to outermost: the last registered decorator will be the outermost decorator around the method handler.
  • Constructor Details

    • HandlerDecorators

      public HandlerDecorators()
  • Method Details

    • register

      public HandlerDecorators register(HandlerDecorator decorator)
      Registers the given handler decorator with the registry.
      decorator - the decorator to register
    • applyDecorators

      public Handler applyDecorators(Handler base, Class<?> sqlObjectType, Method method)
      Applies all registered decorators to the given handler
      base - the base handler
      sqlObjectType - the SQL object type
      method - the SQL method to be decorated
      the decorated handler
    • createCopy

      public HandlerDecorators createCopy()
      Description copied from interface: JdbiConfig
      Returns a copy of this configuration object. Changes to the copy should not modify the original, and vice-versa.
      Specified by:
      createCopy in interface JdbiConfig<HandlerDecorators>
      a copy of this configuration object.