Uses of Class

Packages that use StatementContext
The argument classes translate Java types into JDBC parameters.
The config classes define a configuration registry starting from each Jdbi instance.
mappers take the JDBC ResultSet and produce Java results.
mapper.reflect provides RowMappers that reflectively construct result types using techniques like constructor injection or JavaBeans setters.
result provides the streaming interface that reads rows from JDBC and drives the mapper and collector processes to produce results.
The statement package provides most of the Fluent API to drive statement execution.
freemarker provides advanced string template processing.
joda-time provides improved date and time types to pre-Java 8 applications.
The jpa plugin provides minimal support for discovering JPA annotations like Column.
The postgres plugin provides improved support for java.time, hstore, uuid, and enum types when configured with a recent Postgres database server.
stringtemplate4 provides advanced string template processing that Jdbi can drive with the statement's bound parameters and context to drive statement generation that may need to bind variable number of parameters or other advanced use cases.