Class PostgresPlugin

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public class PostgresPlugin extends JdbiPlugin.Singleton
Postgres plugin. Adds support for binding and mapping the following data types:

The following qualified types have Beta support for binding and mapping:

Also sets up SQL array support for the following types:

A note about the mapping between the Postgres interval type and the Java Period and Duration types: The Java library authors are much more strict about the temporal amounts representable by Periods and Durations than Postgres is with its interval type. The argument factories and column mapper factories implemented in this package respect this spirit of unambiguous strictness. Consequently:

  • All Periods can be mapped to intervals.
  • Not all Durations can be mapped to intervals.
  • Not all intervals can be mapped to Periods.
  • Not all intervals can be mapped to Durations.
For more specific detail, see the caveats in the documentation for DurationArgumentFactory, PeriodColumnMapperFactory, and DurationColumnMapperFactory.

In addition, some potentially unexpected implicit conversions can occur by virtue of the Postgres server logic. For example, at the time of writing, storing a Period of -3 years, 2 months, and -1 days results in an interval (and consequently, a column-mapped Period) of -2 years, -10 months, and -1 days.

  • Constructor Details

    • PostgresPlugin

      public PostgresPlugin()
  • Method Details

    • noUnqualifiedHstoreBindings

      public static PostgresPlugin noUnqualifiedHstoreBindings()
      Do not install the legacy (unqualified) bindings for HStoreArgumentFactory and HStoreColumnMapper. When using the plugin returned by this factory method, any lookup for HStore specific arguments and column mappers must be qualified with the HStore annotation.
    • customizeJdbi

      public void customizeJdbi(Jdbi jdbi)
      Description copied from interface: JdbiPlugin
      Configure customizations global to any object managed by this Jdbi. This method is invoked immediately when the plugin is installed.
      jdbi - the jdbi to customize
    • customizeHandle

      public Handle customizeHandle(Handle handle)
      Description copied from interface: JdbiPlugin
      Configure customizations for a new Handle instance.
      handle - the handle just created
      the transformed handle