Class Handlers

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public class Handlers extends Object implements JdbiConfig<Handlers>
Registry for handler factories, which produce handlers for SQL object methods. By default, a factory is registered for default methods (DefaultMethodHandlerFactory) and for methods annotated with SQL annotations such as @SqlUpdate or SqlQuery. Clients may register additional factories to provide support for other use cases. In the case that two or more registered factories would support a particular SQL object method, the last-registered factory takes precedence.
  • Constructor Details

    • Handlers

      public Handlers()
  • Method Details

    • register

      public Handlers register(HandlerFactory factory)
      Registers the given handler factory with the registry.
      factory - the factory to register
    • findFor

      public Optional<Handler> findFor(Class<?> sqlObjectType, Method method)
    • createCopy

      public Handlers createCopy()
      Description copied from interface: JdbiConfig
      Returns a copy of this configuration object. Changes to the copy should not modify the original, and vice-versa.
      Specified by:
      createCopy in interface JdbiConfig<Handlers>
      a copy of this configuration object.