Class GenericMapMapperFactory

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@Beta public class GenericMapMapperFactory extends Object implements RowMapperFactory
Factory for a RowMapper that can map resultset rows to column name/generic value Maps. Each row in the resultset becomes a distinct Map, in which the keys are all distinct column names and the values are the corresponding cell contents. All values are mapped to the same generic type T (e.g. BigDecimal) by a ColumnMapper from the ConfigRegistry. This differs from MapMapper by supporting a concrete type instead of only Object, and from collecting into a Map in that the latter maps an entire resultset to a single Map and can only keep 1 key and 1 value from each row. Use cases for this are mainly single-row results like numeric reports (e.g. the price components, taxes, etc of a product for sale, or a set of possible labeled values for a user setting), and matrices.
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      public GenericMapMapperFactory()
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