Class CachingSqlParser

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ColonPrefixSqlParser, HashPrefixSqlParser

public abstract class CachingSqlParser extends Object implements SqlParser
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      public static final int PARSED_SQL_CACHE_SIZE
      The default size of the parsed SQL cache.
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    • parse

      public ParsedSql parse(String sql, StatementContext ctx)
      Description copied from interface: SqlParser
      Parses the given SQL statement, and returns the ParsedSql for the statement.
      Specified by:
      parse in interface SqlParser
      sql - The SQL statement to parse
      ctx - The statement context for the statement being executed
      the parsed SQL representing the SQL statement itself along with information about the parameters which should be bound (number and names)
    • cacheStats

      @Beta public <T> T cacheStats()
      Returns cache statistics for the internal sql parser cache. This returns a cache specific object, so the user needs to know what caching library is in use.