Annotation Type UseStringTemplateSqlLocator

@Retention(RUNTIME) @Target({TYPE,METHOD}) public @interface UseStringTemplateSqlLocator
Configures SQL Object to locate SQL using the StringTemplateSqlLocator.findStringTemplate(Class, String) method. If the SQL annotation (e.g. @SqlQuery) defines a value (e.g. @SqlQuery("hello")), that value ("hello") will be used for the name parameter; if undefined, the name of the SQL object method will be used:
     interface Viccini {
         void doTheThing(long id);     // => StringTemplateSqlLocator.findStringTemplateSql(Viccini.class, "doTheThing")

         void doTheThing(String name); // => StringTemplateSqlLocator.findStringTemplateSql(Viccini.class, "thatOtherThing")