Interface HandlerDecorator

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This is a functional interface and can therefore be used as the assignment target for a lambda expression or method reference.

@Deprecated @FunctionalInterface public interface HandlerDecorator extends ExtensionHandlerCustomizer
Decorates Handler objects with additional behavior.
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    • decorateHandler

      Handler decorateHandler(Handler base, Class<?> sqlObjectType, Method method)
      Decorates the Handler to add or substitute behavior on the given SQL Object method. Implementations may alternatively return the base handler, e.g. if the conditions for applying a particular decoration are not met.
      base - the base handler to decorate
      sqlObjectType - the SQL Object type
      method - the method to be decorated
      the base handle, or a decorated handler (depending on the decorator implementation).
    • customize

      default ExtensionHandler customize(ExtensionHandler defaultHandler, Class<?> extensionType, Method method)
      Description copied from interface: ExtensionHandlerCustomizer
      Customize an extension handler.
      Specified by:
      customize in interface ExtensionHandlerCustomizer
      defaultHandler - The ExtensionHandler to customize
      extensionType - The extension type class
      method - A method
      An ExtensionHandler object. This can be the same as the handler parameter or another instance that delegates to the original handler