Class VavrPlugin

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class VavrPlugin extends JdbiPlugin.Singleton
JDBI-Plugin for library
  • supports single-value arguments (Option, ...)
  • supports vavr collections via ResultBearing.collectInto(java.lang.reflect.Type) call
  • supports key-value mappings of a tuple result (implicitly used by map collectors)
  • supports tuple projection
  • supports column mapping for Option
  • Constructor Details

    • VavrPlugin

      public VavrPlugin()
  • Method Details

    • customizeJdbi

      public void customizeJdbi(Jdbi jdbi)
      Description copied from interface: JdbiPlugin
      Configure customizations global to any object managed by this Jdbi. This method is invoked immediately when the plugin is installed.
      jdbi - the jdbi to customize