Class PeriodColumnMapperFactory

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public class PeriodColumnMapperFactory extends Object implements ColumnMapperFactory
A column mapper which maps Postgres's PGInterval type to Java's Period.

Not all PGIntervals are representable as Periods. E.g., one with minutes. An IllegalArgumentException will be thrown in this case.

  • Constructor Details

    • PeriodColumnMapperFactory

      public PeriodColumnMapperFactory()
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    • build

      public Optional<ColumnMapper<?>> build(Type type, ConfigRegistry config)
      Description copied from interface: ColumnMapperFactory
      Supplies a column mapper which will map columns to type if the factory supports it; empty otherwise.
      Specified by:
      build in interface ColumnMapperFactory
      type - the target type to map to
      config - the config registry, for composition
      a column mapper for the given type if this factory supports it, or Optional.empty() otherwise.
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