Class HStoreColumnMapper

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public class HStoreColumnMapper extends Object implements ColumnMapper<Map<String,String>>
A column mapper which maps Postgres' hstore type to Java's Map.
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    • HStoreColumnMapper

      public HStoreColumnMapper()
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    • map

      public Map<String,String> map(ResultSet r, int columnNumber, StatementContext ctx) throws SQLException
      Description copied from interface: ColumnMapper
      Map the given column of the current row of the result set to an Object. This method should not cause the result set to advance; allow Jdbi to do that, please.
      Specified by:
      map in interface ColumnMapper<Map<String,String>>
      r - the result set being iterated
      columnNumber - the column number to map (starts at 1)
      ctx - the statement context
      the value to return for this column
      SQLException - if anything goes wrong go ahead and let this percolate; Jdbi will handle it