Package org.jdbi.v3.core

package org.jdbi.v3.core

The 'core' package hosts the top level interface into jdbi core. Jdbi takes a JDBC DataSource or equivalent and provides a configurable fluent interface. It provides the Handle type for executing JDBC operations and transforming the returned result sets into reasonable Java types.

  • Interface Summary
    Supplies Connection instances to a created Handle and allows custom close handling.
    HandleCallback<T,​X extends Exception>
    Callback that accepts a Handle that remains open for the duration of the callback invocation.
    Callback that accepts a Handle and returns no result.
  • Class Summary
    This represents a connection to the database system.
    Configuration class for handles.
    Main entry point; configurable wrapper around a JDBC DataSource.
  • Exception Summary
    Thrown when an exception occurs while attempting to close a database resource.
    Base unchecked exception for exceptions thrown from jdbi.